The Resolution Project Detour Three: Eschaton and The Decemberists – UPDATED

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Eschaton music video

Sometimes coincidence is amazing. I just finished the Eschaton sequence in Infinite Jest last night, and was thinking of writing a blog post about how much I enjoyed it (the sequence). It looks like it’d be a fun game to play, probably a lot easier now too with our advancements in computer technology over the years. Maybe Apple could put out an iphone app for the game, with calculators to help you figure out civilian casualties and fallout spread.

I was even thinking about describing the game, for people that have never read Infinite Jest, but now I don’t have to! In an amazing coincidence, my favorite band, The Decemberists, has teamed up with Michael Schur of Parks and Recreation fame, to direct a music video for their song “Calamity Song”. Lead singer Colin Meloy was one of the people involved in the Infinite Summer project a few years ago, and he plays Michael Pemulis (you can tell by the hat and the yelling).

The music video is, as far as I can see, pretty much an exact replica of the ill-fated Eschaton game, minus the snowfall and weed-smoking (maybe). Check it out at the NY Times website here: I’ll post a Youtube version as soon as it becomes available.

UPDATE!: Here’s the full video from dailymotion:

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