The Spoiler Show Episode Three – Dungeons and Dragons with Jeff Turner

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the spoiler show

#SpoilerFriday has arrived, bringing with it a new episode of what else, THE SPOILER SHOW! In this thrilling installment, Marcus and I are joined by our old pal Jeff Turner, who’s been a member of our D&D groups from almost the beginning. He tells us tales of the distant past known as the late ’80s – early ’90s, and what it was like to grow up geek in small-town British Columbia. In honour of Wizards of the Coast’s beginning their playtest of D&D 5th Edition a couple of weeks ago (which you can download and check out for free at the site), Marcus, Jeff and I also discuss where we’re at with the myriad editions of the game available these days.

The Spoiler Show Episode Three – Dungeons and Dragons!

Spoiler Show Episode 3 – D&D with Jeff Turner

I think the only SPOILER ALERT for this episode is for your IMAGINATION. Much swearing and beer-drinking crops up though.

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Join us again next week, as Marcus and I discuss the current state of superhero comics, specifically DC: THE NEW 52, with our ALMOST ONE-YEAR WRAP-UP!

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