The Spoiler Show Episode 9 – The Newsroom and the Empire of Illusion

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Are you ready to learn? This week, Marcus and myself examined thematic links between Chris Hedges’ 2009 jeremiad against the current state of North American society, Empire of Illusion, and Aaron Sorkin’s ongoing polemic against the current state of television news, The Newsroom. There’s some pretty heavy topics in this episode, as we are dealing with the ongoing collapse of the Western world, but I think it’s pretty entertaining as well.

The Spoiler Show Episode Nine – The Newsroom/Empire of Illusion

The Spoiler Show Episode 9 – The Newsroom

For you extreme spoilerbabies out there, I guess we give away a few plot points from the first four episodes of The Newsroom, but since all it does is redo news-stories from 2 years ago, I have absolutely no sympathy for you. SPOILER ALERT: Euro zone debt crisis will be a thing in Season 2, if the show makes it that long…

Empire of Illusion cover

Here’s the trailer for my Sell Me On It this week: Beyond the Black Rainbow:

And here’s a clip from Marcus’, Everything and Nothing:

The Creative Commons attribution link for our theme song can be found here:

“Bonaparte – I Can’t Dance” (Noise Problems Selections) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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