The Spoiler Show Episode 12 – Police and Thieves

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the spoiler show

This episode of the Spoiler Show, Marcus and I had started out with the intention of talking about the difference between British and American television, specifically police procedurals, but we ended up talking more about gun culture at home and abroad. Check it out here:

I think that there’s probably some really minor spoilers for the BBC’s SHERLOCK, the UK and American versions of LIFE ON MARS, and for Idris Elba’s badassedness on LUTHER, but that’s about it for spoilers.

The title of this episode, by the way, comes from a great Clash song. You should check it out.

Here’s a promo piece for Marcus’ SELL ME ON IT, BBC’s SHERLOCK!

And here’s the short film Marcus brings up early on, “Feminism and the Disposable Male”. Food for thought:

The Creative Commons attribution link for our theme song can be found here:

“Bonaparte – I Can’t Dance” (Noise Problems Selections) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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