The Spoiler Show Notes – Episode Sixteen: Back to School with Ryan Byrne!

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the spoiler show

This week we are joined by filmmaker, actor and agent provocateur Ryan Byrne, aka. @ryanbyrneman in a salute to our old alma mater, the University of Alberta! Check out an episode of his hilarious web series PEOPLE THAT TOUCH YOUR FOOD right here!

Here’s the podomatic link for the episode:

Listen closely and take notes, as we give you the lowdown on the best places to eat on campus, how to survive the Bio Sci building, and where the quietest and most secluded bathrooms are. The answers may surprise you.

In this week’s SELL ME ON IT, I tell you about a fun new iOS game while Marcus goes down memory lane with a web series from 5-6 years ago, eons in internet time.

Here’s Clark and Michael Episode One, Marcus’ SELL ME ON IT for this week:

Here’s trailers for my SELL ME ON IT, Game Dev Story, which actually is available on Android and I’m just dumb, and for Bad Hotel:

As ever, the Creative Commons attribution link for our theme song can be found here:

“Bonaparte – I Can’t Dance” (Noise Problems Selections) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

If you have any burning questions for The Spoiler Show, or want to suggest a topic, our email address is spoilershow (at) gmail (dot) com.

The Spoiler Show is now available on itunes! So check us out there for fun and frivolity. If you want to use our Podomatic site, check it out here: You can plug our new rss feed into your readers, too, it’s right here:

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