My name is Matt Bowes. I work in the publishing industry in Edmonton, Alberta and have a degree in English. My interests include comic books, typography, tiki culture, mixology, Regency England and film history, among myriad other things.

Suntory time

This blog catalogs my nerdy pursuits. For a while there, I was working my way through the Time Magazine 100 Best Novels since 1923 list. I usually try to put these classic works of literature into context using some of the nerdy things my life seems to revolve around. I’ve compared E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India to Pokemon, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind to Scarface, and Henry Roth’s Call It Sleep to Voltron to give examples. I try to read another book off of this list every few months or so, but I’ve really been slacking lately.

Sometimes I review movies. Other times I’ve reviewed role-playing games or talked about comics culture. My girlfriend and I recently finished our film series devoted to comic book movies, bridging the gap between what people see on the screen and the stories the movies were based on. It was called Graphic Content. I try to update at least once a month, but sometimes I get stuck reading huge books I don’t really want to talk to anyone about. If you want to hear more of my rambling, check out my twitter.

Review inquiries: mattbowes (at) hotmail.com. At this time I do not review self-published, religious, self-help or YA books. I’ll take a look at most other things, though!


  1. I love geeky pursuits!! I am working on two books, working in a law office, watching obscure British comedies, reading War and Peace (in Russian) and am married to a guy whose very nickname is “Nerd” 🙂

    • Nice, I’m also a fan of British comedy. Have you seen “That Mitchell and Webb Look”?

  2. Hi Matt,
    I love what you’re doing. That’s a great New Year’s Resolution…for 2011. I may try that myself, see what I’ve already read from that list.

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