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Late to the Party: The Shining Girls, by Lauren Beukes (2013)

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In 1989, a university student and aspiring journalist named Kirby Mazrachi is horribly attacked and mutilated by a would-be killer while walking her dog on the beach of Lake Michigan in Chicago. Her attacker seemingly disappears into nothingness, and by 1992 Kirby finds herself slowly becoming obsessed with tracking him, using the resources available to her via an internship at the Chicago Sun-Times, and her friendship with a retired crime reporter named Dan Velasquez. Meanwhile, […]

The Resolution Project Season Two: Never Let Me Go (2005)

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Video Accompaniment: Linda Ronstadt, “What’ll I Do?” The Resolution Project Season Two: For my New Year’s resolution last year (2011), I decided to try and read all one hundred of the novels picked by Time Magazine as the best since their inception in 1923 to the list’s publication in 2005. I got almost halfway through. I’ve decided to bull-headedly push on through and try and finish the challenge, continuing with the same caveat as before: I’ve exempted myself […]

The Spoiler Show Episode 10 – Old Man Japan

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This week, Marcus and I are joined again by Jeff Turner, who attempts to regale us with what it was like to live in Japan in the recent past. This is made a little bit more difficult by the fact that we recorded this episode right after attending a party thrown by the doctors who live down the street. On a related note, this episode is also semi-brought to you by Cave Creek Chili Beer, […]