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The Resolution Project Detour Five: The Four Fingers of Death

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As you may recall, I’ve been keeping myself sane during the trial that is The Man Who Loved Children by reading other books in between 100 page blocks of that piece of crap. I picked up a few books while I was down in Seattle from a place called the Elliott Bay Book Company. It’s a really awesome store, and should you find yourself in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle you should definitely check […]

The Resolution Project Book Nine: At Swim-Two-Birds (1938)

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The Resolution Project: For my New Year’s resolution this year (that being 2011), I decided to try and read all one hundred of the novels picked by Time Magazine as the best since their inception in 1923 to the list’s publication in 2005. I exempted myself from reading ones I’ve already read, leaving some eighty-six or so to read before the end of this year. Some spoilers may lie ahead, so be warned. “The novel, in […]