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The Spoiler Show Notes – Episode Fifteen: Comedy with Craig Sherburne!

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the spoiler show

This week Marcus and I are joined by Edmonton comedy luminary Craig Sherburne, who regales us with tales of the comedy game, and grills us on our previous episodes! This wide ranging discussion touches on topics like zombies, overly affectionate pet ownership, how to use social media to promote yourself, and more! A quick note, Rob Delaney is totally a touring comedian, and I’m just ignorant. In my defense, his feed does not often […]

The Spoiler Show Notes: Episode Fourteen – A Completely Subjective Look at Objectivism

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the spoiler show

Hey there, this week Marcus and I turn our critical eyes towards Objectivism, and tell you why it’s dumb! Spurred on by a certain extent to Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan’s adherence to this wacko pseudo-philosophy, we’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and get as much hate mail as humanly possible. Download it right here, or check out The Spoiler Show on itunes. I don’t think we really spoil too much this week, […]