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Boardwalk Empire D&D Alignment Chart

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After the huge success of the Deadwood and Community alignment charts, I decided to try one for what was, in my opinion, one of the best new shows of last year. Hopefully the next season starts up soon! Notes: – I had a really tough time finding someone from this show to fill the alignment of Lawful Good. Something about the fact that everyone’s a gangster on this show, I guess. I went with Angela […]

The Resolution Project Book Two: All the King’s Men (1946)

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“Gimme that meat ax!” – Governor Willie Stark Yeah, you read that correctly, the first book I read for this project was actually the second one on the list. My library took it’s time finding both the number one book (Saul Bellow’s The Adventures of Augie March), but got this one to me right away. So it goes. Aside from having to forfeit the competition altogether by not following the rules to the letter (just […]

Deadwood D&D Alignment Chart

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So here’s an alignment chart that my friend Marcus and I made last week, in the style of Mighty God King’s fantastic Mad Men Alignment Chart from a few days back. I think we did a pretty solid job on this one, but here’s a few thoughts: – Wikiquote does not have very many good quotes to give to our CG character, Trixie. Rectify this at once. I just picked one that I thought was […]