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Review: The Fictional Man, by Al Ewing (2013)

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Here’s another fun Hollywood-centred novel to add to my recent reading, alongside Zeroville, Beautiful Ruins and Night Film. In a world just a few steps away from our own, cloning technology has advanced to the point that living, breathing humans can be crafted out of traits culled from a fictional work. Hollywood is eager to jump in on this innovation as it saves them having to think too hard about casting people for roles, and by […]

Review: Zeroville, by Steve Erickson (2007)

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Musical Accompaniment: “The Right Profile”, by The Clash: I feel like I’ve been reading a lot of novels about the movies and Hollywood lately, and with the exception of Marisha Pessl’s Night Film they’ve all been pretty stellar. I even re-read Theodore Roszak’s Flicker after being so disappointed by Pessl’s book, and was pretty pleased to see that it still held up after all these years. Based on a recommendation I picked up Steve Erickson’s […]

The Resolution Project Book Twenty-Six: The Day of the Locust (1939)

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The Resolution Project: For my New Year’s resolution this year (that being 2011), I decided to try and read all one hundred of the novels picked by Time Magazine as the best since their inception in 1923 to the list’s publication in 2005. I exempted myself from reading ones I’ve already read, leaving some eighty-six or so to read before the end of this year. Some spoilers may lie ahead, so be warned. “Being with her was like […]