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Followup Questions: An Interview with Kier-La Janisse, editor of Satanic Panic!

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Last month I reviewed Satanic Panic, a collection of essays examining the decade-long freakout over supposed Satanic influences across American media. It’s a fantastic introduction to the social mores of the period, and sheds light on a lot of the country’s Puritannical tendencies, and how they’ve continued on. Kier-La Janisse, author of House of Psychotic Women and co-editor of the collection, has agreed to answer some questions about how the book came to be: Short […]

Followup Questions: An Interview with Robert Repino, author of Mort(e)!

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In February, I reviewed Robert Repino’s debut novel Mort(e), which is the story of a simple housecat who has been uplifted into becoming a stronger, taller, sentient soldier for a mad Queen of the Ants and her war against humanity. And that’s only the beginning! The book is a lot of fun, so I suggest you check out my review and pick it up if it sounds up your alley. Repino has been gracious enough to answer […]

Followup Questions: An Interview with Caelum Vatnsdal, author of They Came From Within!

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Last week I reviewed the ten year anniversary edition of Caelum Vatnsdal’s classic Canadian horror retrospective They Came From Within. It’s an excellent book, well worth checking out if you’re into Canadian film or horror movies in general. I approached Vatnsdal’s publisher, Arbeiter Ring Publishing, about an interview and was lucky enough to ask the talented scribe a few questions about one of his favoured topics. Read on for a fun conversation about the state of Canadian […]

Followup Questions: An Interview with Ian Weir, author of Will Starling!

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Last week I reviewed Langley, B.C. author Ian Weir’s new novel Will Starling, and as you can see from the post I enjoyed it quite a bit! After reaching out to his publisher, Goose Lane Editions, I was very lucky to able to ask Weir a few questions about the book, the thought process and research that went into putting it together. Read on for a sneak peek into how one of my favourite Canadian books this […]