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Review: Perfidia, by James Ellroy (2014)

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Musical Accompaniment: “Life During Wartime” by the Talking Heads In retrospect, I probably wasn’t ready to fully appreciate Perfidia. For background, about five years ago, I tore through James Ellroy’s First L.A. Quartet over the course of a summer. I first got into them by way of Curtis Hanson’s film adaptation of L.A. Confidential, which remains one of my favourite movies ever, and also through Brian de Palma’s ill-fated adaptation of The Black Dahlia, which I still don’t think is […]

Thoughtprojektor – Film Noir Emotion Game

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One of my longtime interests has been film noir and its predecessor hardboiled crime fiction. It’s something I wrote about many times while I was at school, and I even went back there a couple of years ago to lecture about it for a class in Comparative Literature. There’s something about the seamy world of double-crossing dames, obsessed detectives and greasy gunsels that just makes me happy, which is kind of strange considering how shitty […]