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Review: The Weirdness, by Jeremy P. Bushnell (2014)

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Billy Ridgeway’s not in the greatest shape at the moment by any stretch of the imagination. An aspiring author, he spends most of his time either making artisanal sandwiches for the better-off-than-he-is who frequent the shop he works at, or trying desperately to get his writing published. On the eve of his first launch party, after finally getting a story in at a small literary magazine, Billy wakes up to find a strange person in […]

Review: Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh (2014)

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In a near-future New York City that has been ravaged by dirty bombs, climate change and massive depopulation, a former garbageman-turned-hired killer named Spademan plies his trade for a modest fee. The philosophically bent Spademan is somewhat understandably leery of learning too much about his clients and their targets as this could lead to complications, and what does it really matter in the end when his boxcutter is up against their throat? Most of the […]

Review: Bleeding Edge, by Thomas Pynchon

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As some of my friends from university who I subjected to drunken attempts at getting them to read The Crying of Lot 49 might attest, trying to condense a Thomas Pynchon story into a short synopsis is a bit like trying to explain math to a cat. Here goes: Maxine Tarnow is a fraud investigator from New York’s Upper West Side circa early 2001, who’s officially lost her license but doesn’t really seem to mind all […]

The Resolution Project Book Eighteen: Call It Sleep (1934)

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“The sight of him this evening was terrifying. Never, not even the night he had beaten David, did he radiate, so fell, so electric a fury. It was as though his whole body were smouldering, a stark, throbbing, curdling emanation flowed from him, a dark, corrosive haze that was all the more fearful because David sensed how thin an aura it was of the terrific volcano clamped within.” (p. 127) The Resolution Project: For my New […]

The Resolution Project Book Thirty-Nine: The Great Gatsby (1925)

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Note: As I wrote most of this while on vacation in sunny San Diego, this post is a little bit more abrupt than the normally cutting-edge literary journalism you’ve all come to know and expect from me. Also, as most people probably know The Great Gatsby fairly well, (after reading it in high-school English, for example) I’m finding it hard to say something fresh about the book. That said, whether it was due to a […]

The Resolution Project Book Thirty-Five: Go Tell It on the Mountain (1953)

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“There was a stiffness in him that would be hard to break, but that, nevertheless, would one day surely be broken. As hers had been, and Richard’s — there was no escape for anyone. God was everywhere, terrible, the living God; and so high, the song said, you couldn’t get over Him; so low you couldn’t get under Him; so wide you couldn’t get around Him; but must come in at the door.” (p. 226) […]