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Review: Babayaga, by Toby Barlow

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Toby Barlow’s wonderful Babayaga is the story of two dueling femme fatale witches named Zoya and Elga, and the hapless men that get drawn into their epic struggle for dominance. The story takes place in Paris in the 1950s, as Detroit expat Will van Wyck is starting to become aware that his advertising agency might actually be a front for The Agency, the CIA. His new acquaintance Oliver, a small-time publishing magnate who might also be […]

Late to the Party: Sacré Bleu, by Christopher Moore

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  It is turn of the century Paris, and the bohemian demimonde is all abuzz after news of the great artist Vincent van Gogh’s death in Arles reaches them. The apparent suicide is complicated somewhat by the fact that the painter shot himself, then walked about a mile to a doctor’s before finally expiring. Why would someone kill themselves in such a roundabout way? Adding to this is the fact that in his final days, […]