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The Resolution Project Season Two: Lucky Jim (1954)

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“Dixon felt that, on the contrary, he had a good idea of what his article was worth from several points of view. From one of these, the thing’s worth could be expressed in one short hyphenated indecency; from another, it was worth the amount of frenzied fact-grubbing and fanatical boredom that had gone into it; from yet another, it was worthy of its aim, the removal of the ‘bad impression’ he’d so far made in […]

The Faceless Issue One

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Oh yeah, blog posting. So here’s a little piece I worked up for a comic collaboration that never really came together. I still think it’s pretty cool, maybe you guys will too? Page One Panel One Big wide shot from the top left hand corner of a large warehouse. On the ground are arranged thirty or so jump-suited henchmen arranged before a makeshift stage, their backs facing the camera. Various pieces of industrial crap from […]

Sitting in the Dark With Strangers 2010: Part Four

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At long(ish) last, the top 10 movies I saw in 2010! WARNING SPOILERS. 10. Hausu (House) (saw at the Metro): This is probably the most obscure movie I saw this year, but I would recommend it to you instantly. If you’ve ever wondered why Japanese horror films like Tokyo Gore Police or The Machine Girl are so weird, I’d list off Hausu as potentially a cult classic/forerunner for that sort of genre. While it isn’t […]