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Review: Of Dice and Men: The Story of Dungeons and Dragons and the People Who Play It, by David Ewalt (2013)

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Musical Accompaniment: “Ready to Roll”, by Flashlight Brown I’m not entirely sure for which audience David Ewalt’s Of Dice and Men was written. Is the book intended to be picked up by absolute newcomers to the concept of Dungeons and Dragons, or tabletop roleplaying altogether? Is it supposed to be of interest to people who already play, but are interested in the story of the game’s creation? Or is it for readers interested in a memoir of a […]

The Spoiler Show Episode Three – Dungeons and Dragons with Jeff Turner

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#SpoilerFriday has arrived, bringing with it a new episode of what else, THE SPOILER SHOW! In this thrilling installment, Marcus and I are joined by our old pal Jeff Turner, who’s been a member of our D&D groups from almost the beginning. He tells us tales of the distant past known as the late ’80s – early ’90s, and what it was like to grow up geek in small-town British Columbia. In honour of Wizards […]

Downton Abbey D&D Alignment Chart

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Just saw the last episode of Downton Abbey‘s second series, and it was excellent. If you haven’t seen this great show, it’s about the wealthy owners of an English manor house in the 1910s, as well as the servants who live in the “downstairs” world. If you liked the movie Gosford Park from a few years back, or are a fan of good English drama series like Pride and Prejudice or especially Brideshead Revisited, you […]

Postgame Report: Killer Thriller – Death of the Authors

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Enough with the pretentious literary analysis this page has devolved into. If only for a brief interlude, THE GEEK WANTS OUT! So the other weekend some of my friends and I got together to play one of the many tabletop role-playing games I’ve collected but have never been able to use: Killer Thriller. It was an absolutely excellent gaming experience, one of the best I’ve ever taken part in. Killer Thriller is an extremely rules […]

Boardwalk Empire D&D Alignment Chart

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After the huge success of the Deadwood and Community alignment charts, I decided to try one for what was, in my opinion, one of the best new shows of last year. Hopefully the next season starts up soon! Notes: – I had a really tough time finding someone from this show to fill the alignment of Lawful Good. Something about the fact that everyone’s a gangster on this show, I guess. I went with Angela […]

My D&D Campaign Overview Part One – The Companions of the Bouncing Barrel

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With all of the recent discussion of fine works of literature for the past few months, and because I don’t want to read Brideshead Revisited too fast because I’m actually really enjoying it, I felt it was time to inject the “nerding” back into thisnerdinglife. For this reason, I’ll now talk about the current state of the Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’m running, as this is extremely important information that all of you folks at […]

Community D&D Alignment Chart

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So I know there’s another one of these floating out there in the ether, but after tonight’s D&D themed episode (which was pretty great, right?), E. and I decided to make an alignment chart for Community. And here it is: Notes: – E., of the lovely blog Straight on Till Morning, provided quotes this time around, while I found pictures and stuff. I don’t much care for MS Paint anymore. – All of Abed’s best […]

Sitting in the Dark With Strangers 2010: Part Three

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Here’s numbers 20-11 on my list for last year. As usual the rules I laid out before still apply. SPOILER WARNINGS for crybabies are still in effect. 20. Let Me In (saw for free from work): It’s been a little while now since I saw this film, and thinking back I did still enjoy it. I don’t know how much merit there is in comparing it to Let the Right One In, the Swedish original, […]

Deadwood D&D Alignment Chart

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So here’s an alignment chart that my friend Marcus and I made last week, in the style of Mighty God King’s fantastic Mad Men Alignment Chart from a few days back. I think we did a pretty solid job on this one, but here’s a few thoughts: – Wikiquote does not have very many good quotes to give to our CG character, Trixie. Rectify this at once. I just picked one that I thought was […]

Hello world!

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Welcome to This Nerding Life, my new blog. Herein I plan to keep you up to date with the exciting, thrill-a-minute lifestyle of the professional geek, as well as showcase some personal projects in an attempt to start writing things down on a regular basis again. Here’s some things you can look forward to in the years ahead: – Updates on things going on in the comics world, tabletop roleplaying and other nerdy topics. – […]