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Followup Questions: An Interview with Kier-La Janisse, editor of Satanic Panic!

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Last month I reviewed Satanic Panic, a collection of essays examining the decade-long freakout over supposed Satanic influences across American media. It’s a fantastic introduction to the social mores of the period, and sheds light on a lot of the country’s Puritannical tendencies, and how they’ve continued on. Kier-La Janisse, author of House of Psychotic Women and co-editor of the collection, has agreed to answer some questions about how the book came to be: Short […]

Review: The Fictional Man, by Al Ewing (2013)

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Here’s another fun Hollywood-centred novel to add to my recent reading, alongside Zeroville,¬†Beautiful Ruins and Night Film. In a world just a few steps away from our own, cloning technology has advanced to the point that living, breathing humans can be crafted out of traits culled from a fictional work. Hollywood is eager to jump in on this innovation as it saves them having to think too hard about casting people for roles, and by […]

The Spoiler Show Notes – Episode Twenty-One (Supplemental): TV/Beer Pairing Volume One

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In this week’s very special episode of the Spoiler Show, Marcus is off at a conference, so I rounded up a few of my friends to try a new game. Myself, Torrey Dance (the Batman of Morrissey facts) and newcomer Sam Rollans all decided to pair some of our favorite television shows with a specific beer. As per usual, this descended into a wide ranging chat, and descended even further after that. Definitely an […]

The Spoiler Show Episode 12 – Police and Thieves

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the spoiler show

This episode of the Spoiler Show, Marcus and I had started out with the intention of talking about the difference between British and American television, specifically police procedurals, but we ended up talking more about gun culture at home and abroad. Check it out here:¬† I think that there’s probably some really minor spoilers for the BBC’s SHERLOCK, the UK and American versions of LIFE ON MARS, and for Idris Elba’s badassedness on LUTHER, but […]

How to Convene – Comic Book Convention Etiquette and Tips

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So I’ve been to a few comic book conventions now (as it is one of the perks of my job), and I feel I should help out some of my geeky brethren and sistren who’d like to attend one, but are potentially scared of what they’d see there. Here’s a few pointers to keep in mind. – on health When attending a convention, you are willingly subjecting yourself to a full-scale assault by viruses and […]

Boardwalk Empire D&D Alignment Chart

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After the huge success of the Deadwood and Community alignment charts, I decided to try one for what was, in my opinion, one of the best new shows of last year. Hopefully the next season starts up soon! Notes: – I had a really tough time finding someone from this show to fill the alignment of Lawful Good. Something about the fact that everyone’s a gangster on this show, I guess. I went with Angela […]

Community D&D Alignment Chart

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So I know there’s another one of these floating out there in the ether, but after tonight’s D&D themed episode (which was pretty great, right?), E. and I decided to make an alignment chart for Community. And here it is: Notes: – E., of the lovely blog Straight on Till Morning, provided quotes this time around, while I found pictures and stuff. I don’t much care for MS Paint anymore. – All of Abed’s best […]

Deadwood D&D Alignment Chart

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So here’s an alignment chart that my friend Marcus and I made last week, in the style of Mighty God King’s fantastic Mad Men Alignment Chart from a few days back. I think we did a pretty solid job on this one, but here’s a few thoughts: – Wikiquote does not have very many good quotes to give to our CG character, Trixie. Rectify this at once. I just picked one that I thought was […]